Greetings School Song

Megumi Pre-school values and understands that each and every child is unique and therefore strives to provide the best individualized child care possible. At Megumi Pre-school, we realize that each and every child develops and learns at his/her own pace. By keeping an open line of communication with parents, we can better understand their child's feelings and needs.

We view parents as partners in education. By working together, we can design a curriculum that is age appropriate, yet academically challenging. We view Megumi Pre-school as a mini-society, where our children learn to be responsible, intelligent and creative citizens.

Step by step they will gain the useful skills and knowledge to help them become successful and well rounded individuals. As a flower bud grows and blooms with the right care and nurturing, so do the hearts and minds of the children at Megumi Pre-school.


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Megumi Preschool Alma Mater (MP3 2026KB)

Megumi Alma Mater

Words: Yoko Sawano
Music: Shiho Kurauchi

Yamato Midorini kakomareta Evergreen Seattle
Warera nakayoshi Megumi no ko
Ohkinakoede goaisatsu asawa ohayou gozaimasu
Shokujino maewa itadakimasu ureshiitokiniwa arigatou
Kyomo genkini asobimasho minna nikoniko Megumi hoikuen

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